Wonderland Bar set up

Wonderland Bar in Potts Point

Wonderland Bar is located in Potts Point which is a place created for night out and parties. On Bayswater Rd there are few good venues, but make sure you won’t miss this one. Compare to others Wonderland Bar, as the name suggests, will take you into adventure…

Main Bar and Garden

The bar theme is designed to take you into Alice in Wonderland. There are furniture inspired by book and figures popping out here and there. Also you can try to fit in the little house! Here you can just pop in, enjoy your drinks and pizza (check the menu here). The area outside is also lovely, decorated with lights and plants.

Down The Rabbit Hole

In Wonderland Bar you can book in advice an immersive experience and there are few to choose. You can go for Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, which I did. You will play games, solve a riddles and make your own tea pot drink, guided by Alice in Wonderland main book characters. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so just book your tickets and check it by yourself!

There is also Candyland experience where you will again come across some riddles and make your candy cocktails. The set up is very sweet and colorful! As you already know how it works, I just mention there is one more immersive experience to choose – The Wizard’s Den. It’s the dark and mysterious one.

Saloon 24/Tinseltown

The last level of Wonderland Bar is cowboy saloon at the moment but soon will change into Christmas town (check Christmas in July!). Everyone gets a seat and there is time for chatting, drinks and taking a part in some social games.

I have been there during last Christmas and absolutely loved how the room was decorated! They made truly Holiday vibes, the place is very nice for a night out and also a perfect set up for a photo shoot.


There is also an opportunity to stay overnight in the accommodation that correspond with bar design. So you will be able to choose one of the Wonderland room.

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