Where to see wild kangaroos in NSW?

Highlight of Australia is the wildlife for me and I will never ever change my mind about it, I guess I am firm on this opinion. On the one hand we have colourful lorikeets and cockatoos everywhere in the city, then cute and exotic kangaroos, koalas and on the other hand we have less cute but scary and dangerous crocks, cassowary, and few more!

I am a huge fan of animals and of course I always look for an opportunity to see them. I have strongly believe animals belong to wild and for me the best is to see them in their natural environment.
That is why I have created this list for you!


One of the closest place to Sydney where you can meet with kangaroos hanging out around. They are very much used to humans and will let you come quite close.

girl with kangaroo
The kangaroos you can normally see at Morisset Park picnic area, but it remains closed at the moment. Other point where those cuties are hanging out is close to Morisset Psychiatric Hospital (Waratah Rd). I have to point out this is road is busy during shift change where members of hospital staff are driving so make sure you are not on the road (either your car).

Jervis Bay

This is beautiful option for weekend getaway and opportunity to be surrounded by kangaroos too. There are many spots where you can see them, let me name few: Honeymoon Bay Camping, Cave Beach or Sanctuary Point.
Keep your eyes open wild, they might be anywhere on the road!

kangaroos by the tree

Coffs Harbour

One of the place I love here is Look At Me Now Headland, close to Shelly and Emerald Beach. This was first spot when I saw kangaroos with the ocean view! There are so many of them, chilling and hopping around.

Pay attention to the water you can easily spot some dolphins too!


Kangaroos are cute and fluffy but they are wild animals. Even if they are familiar with humans please remember to always act with care. Be respectful and approach them with caution.
Wild animals are doing well enough when it comes to the food. We should NOT feed them for many reasons. At first we might make them being dependent on humans. Also once they learn they can be fed they start to come to urban area, creating danger for themselves and humans (for instance car accidents). Furthermore human food is bad for kangaroos and cause them physical damage and pain.

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