Where to have breakfast in Sydney?
5 places to check!

It’s always a great idea to start the day with a delicious breakfast in the city. Not sure where to eat best breakfast in Sydney? Here are 5 cool places that I highly recommend!

Acre, Camperdown

If you are looking for a combination of elegance and rustic vibes, this is your place. Believe me, you will not regret it! Acre has a beautiful indoor restaurant room, as well as a garden and a large outdoor space. Children will definitely enjoy it too!

The menu includes classics, such as Eggs Benedict, avocado on toast or a vegetarian bowl. I also recommend fresh juices.

Prices for breakfast: $ 18-25 per dish

Haven Speciality Cafe, Surry Hills

Placed just off Central Station, which is super convenient location. Simple but aesthetic design creates a good vibe. The smell and taste of coffee is exactly as it should be. When it comes to the meals- very tasty! Despite a limited range in choice, you can try both classic dishes (such as toast with avo) or other interesting options (waffles).

Prices for breakfast: approximately $ 14-17 per dish

Find a ink to cafe here.

Kafeine, Balmain

This café’s breakfast menu is undoubtedly extensive, for even the most demanding customer to find something yummy to order.

Kafeine Cafe

In summary- Kafeine offers a large selection of tasty options in nice cozy interior! You will find the classics, fruit and sweet breakfasts, as well as an omelette or hash potato with sides. In addition, the area offers an option of a nice stroll after breakfast.

Prices for breakfast: approximately $ 13-20 per dish

Treetop Café, Waterloo

The cafe looks inconspicuous, but I can assure you that the food here will not disappoint! Only a few tables inside, so better make a reservation. The menu mainly includes savory breakfasts, but for those with sweet tooth, there are pancakes with ice cream. One of the great option is a share plate for two or more people.

Prices for breakfast: approximately $ 15-18 per dish. There is also an exclusive option (pictured) for $ 45 for two.

Social Hideout, Waterloo

To begin with this café is very instagrammable place! The interior just bursts with colours, which is why this is probably the ideal place for taking photos. Floral decorations on the ceiling and walls, pastel colors will give you joyful eye bath while you have brekkie. The breakfast menu is extensive, and there are plenty of drinks to choose from, from smoothies to coffee and tea.

Most importantly, all dishes are as tasty as they look on the plate.

Prices for breakfast: approximately $ 23 per dish


These are definitely the places I would like to come back, because they never disappoint. All cafes have vegetarian options if that’s a deal breaker for you (it is to me!). Hope there is no doubt about where to have breakfast in Sydney now!

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