Painting workshops, where the brush & wine meets

Have you ever heard an event like creating paintings together while you drink, eat and chat? It is becoming more and more popular and I totally understand why. Believe me, it’s so cool! Activity is called sip and paint.

To explain the main idea is that the instructor shows you the basic painting techniques and the rules of creating a picture, Instructor guides you step by step through the painting process, like in a typical workshop.

As we create our piece, we have time for chats and snacks at the same time. Such painting workshops are really great entertainment! You may think some artistic skills are required – absolutely not! It’s all about enjoying yourself and having fun.

Cork & Canvas

This venue is on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Each session is related to a given topic. When painting, everyone creates something in the same style, but what you make, the choice is yours. Just to note that, you will not be painting something regular, it will be a very famous painting that for sure you have known or heard about it. We attended the Banksy art inspired workshop once – some people created painting with a girl with balloon, other Tinker Bell, etc.

You can bring your own drinks (can also be alcoholic) and snacks. It’s about 2 hour session. Check here the website.

Life with Paint

Another place worth to mention is Life with Paint. The workshops are conducted in 10 cities, including Sydney. Events take place in pubs in several locations. Here you paint a specific picture (everyone’s picture is same). Unlike in Cork & Canvas where you are free to choose what to paint, here the teacher will give you specific guidelines how to paint each of the elements. Regarding this, of course there are no limitations, when it comes to letting your artistic side, run wild 😊

Life with Paint painting session

The workshops provide all necessary items (painting equipment, aprons), just show up at the appointed time and venue. We will surely repeat this experience again, as it’s so much fun. You can book your experience here.

How do you like our works of art? 🙂

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