Finding nature in the city

Sydney is amazing city when it comes to the nature. The biggest metropolis in Australia, we have plenty of green area in this concrete jungle, we are missing nothing! Not to mention Sydney has summer vibes all over the year. Here are some of my favorite places to be:

Royal Botanic Gardens

Located just next to Sydney Opera House, you will not have any excuse to come here! The gardens are a huge area, with few gates to enter (situated on the different sides of the city). To begin with I find this place so beautiful (the views are amazing!), that I like to go there just to relax. This spot is also great for picnic or sport activities that are very popular in here. A lot of people run or exercise on the mat between the trees.

When visiting Royal Botanic Gardens have in mind there is a lot to see – Plan Exhibition in The Calyx, The Palm Grove, The Fernery, Oriental Garden and many more. Check all the activities here.

Cost: free of charge

Auburn Botanic Gardens

I was looking one weekend for a new place to visit and discover this gardens. Placed in Western Suburbs, and this place is actually quite popular! You can wonder around, see lakes and different types of gardens. There is a picnic area and additionally a BBQs.
What’s more there are animals such a kangaroos, emus, wombats and few more! Fauna Reserve is home to some of the native Australian species. However, the star of the park is a surprise, they are colorful, they are magnificent, you will not be guessing what I am talking about, the gorgeous peacocks will make your day. I hope you get lucky and see why they open their tails.

Cost: $5 AUD per person (children under 16 free and residents of Cumberland City Council are free)

The Grounds of Alexandria

Hidden gem in the city! This café- restaurant is one of my favorite (if not number one) in Sydney. The Grounds of Alexandria is divided into few venues – The Café, The Potting Shed and The Garden. All of them have beautiful greenish and nature scenery. Even more there are farm animals, like goats and chickens.
The Grounds of Alexandria is always decorated beautifully with the chosen theme (at the moment Moroccan-inspired vibes and menus). Theme changes every one and then and makes this place very special.

Cost: free entrance, you paid for what you order.

Centennial Parklands

You can’t get bored there! Centennial Park has a lot to offer for everyone – from a sport lover to someone who wish just to relax.
You can hire a bike here, do horse riding, bird watching, BBQs, enjoy playgrounds, picnic, cafes! Also the Entertainment Quarter is close by, which is full of activities to choose from.

Cost: free entrance

Centennial Parklands

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