Hello friend,

Here, down under we say โ€žGood day, mateโ€ ๐Ÿ˜Š

Maybe we havenโ€™t met before. My name is Ela, Iโ€™m in my 30thies and Iโ€™m Polish. I am writing for you from beautiful Australia.

My abroad living story started when I went to London to work for few months. I was fascinated to discover new places, connect with people all over the world and try something totally different. It was a life changing experience.

I got back to England once again, then lived in Malta for a year and finally moved to Australia in December 2017.ย That was best decision I could ever make.

Australia was supposed to be temporary. I planned to go back to Europe afterwards. Life took a different turn and today I am dreaming of a blue passport with kangaroo on the cover! Hopefully getting there..!

With my partner, Kerem, we made our home in Sydney, the city that doesnโ€™t stop fascinating me.

I love to share my lifestyle with you on the blog and Instagram. I will be showing you the city life โ€“ places to go, things to do, as well as the nature (from beach vibes to the hiking adventures).

You will find here my insight on life in Australia, through my personal stories, lifestyle articles, city and travel adventures. Make yourself comfortable!


Ela Bernas.

Born in 1987 in Warsaw, Poland.

Master Degree in Psychology, working as a child therapist.

Blogger and content creator.

In love with life and Sydney.