Magic Point, Malabrar

Coastal walk to the Magic Point

Malabar Headland National Park is less popular place for hikes, but it has some highlights worth going there. I also have to point out that winter time is a great opportunity to spot migrating whales over the coastal. Ok, let’s dive into details about walk to Magic Point!

Where to start?

Come to Maroubra Beach as the hike starts here. There are many cafes and toilet facilities, if you need, dot worry you are covered. Walk to Magic Point is less than 2 km one way, pretty short walk but you won’t find anything other than nature on the way, so keep that in mind.

You can walk along the beach or choose a path behind, which is a bit easier to walk on hard ground. Either way you will get to the gate, where Malabar Headland National Park starts.

Hike difficulty grading

I consider walking to Magic Point very easy, as there is a walk path made for most of the way. When you get closer to the destination you might come across area which gets wet after rainy days (don’t recommend white shoes 😉). There is no uphill walk or any steep paths for that reason the hike is good for a family, I always see many kids in different ages.

Magic Point

Our destination point is a rocky cliff, with amazing view looking at the Maroubra Beach and ocean. If you have binoculars, do not forget to take them with you. You can try your chances to spot migrating whales in winter time here. To be honest its very likely as each time I have been there I actually saw one!

Magic Point view


There are some flat rock forms to sit on, have a sandwich or just enjoy the ocean breeze.

This walk is short, although you can go further and make a full loop around Malabar Headland National Park. Some part of this walk will be more inland, so you won’t have ocean views for all the time. Although you will get to other point views like Boora Point and eventually to Malabar Beach.

malabrar map

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