What is Christmas in July?

My first year in Australia I was quite surprised when Christmas reindeer sweaters appeared in stores in July. Many restaurants and pubs had posters with Christmas dinner offers. I had no idea what it was all about and thought Australia must be crazy!

Christmas in July at The Rocks

Christmas in July

Christmas in July


As I have noticed Christmas in July is quite a big thing here. Maybe the desire for Christmas during winter, or maybe just an Australians in nature always ready for celebration so at the end the idea of ​​Christmas dinners in July was born. It’s the middle of winter and who really likes winter? I guess it’s a way of making the evenings even more pleasant. Fine by me! The city comes alive, there are Christmas markets on The Rocks (for instance you can buy Christmas balls, drink mulled wine), people organize dinners in the city. There is even an artificial snow!

The Wonderland Bar also orgianise Christmas in magic Tinseltown. Look at the Christmas vibes here!

Tinseltown in Christmas

Let me know, what do you think of this Aussie tradition?

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