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Opera House night photo

10 spots to make amazing Sydney Opera House photo

Sydney`s most iconic building – Opera House. It amazes me each time I visit Sydney Harbour. I will never ever get bored with this view, it’s just beautiful. All the events happening at The Opera you can check on the official website here. You might want to take a great photo with Sydney Opera House […]

How to survive winter in Sydney? 3 things you must know

You might think winter does not exist in Australia, or at least feeling cold is a rare experience here. Nothing further from the truth! Of course it’s sounds funny when you’re freezing if the temperature is around 16 degrees plus, but..! Due to the humidity, the real feeling is much different. I grow up in […]

What is Christmas in July?

My first year in Australia I was quite surprised when Christmas reindeer sweaters appeared in stores in July. Many restaurants and pubs had posters with Christmas dinner offers. I had no idea what it was all about and thought Australia must be crazy!   As I have noticed Christmas in July is quite a big […]