Bicentennial Park in Sydney Olympic Park

This is a huge area in western Sydney to explore and enjoy time in the nature. When I used to live around here, it was a good place for jogging! I love that each suburb here have its own green space and personally love to discover them all. Let’s talk now about Bicentennial Park in Sydney Olympic Park.

What to do here?

Bicentennial Park is great for walks. You can make a short one around the pond, but if you wish there is opportunity for a few km long walk along the creek and wetlands. I have discover myself this area pretty well and I was actually surprised by its diversity.

Jogging is also popular there. The ground is good for running, I like to change environment not to get bored and Bicentennial Park ticks that box!

There are a lot of paths that you can discover with your bike. If you don’t have one, there is a hire service. Find more information about in the link here.

Park is absolutely kids friendly. Apart for enormous area to run and bike around there is nice playground that will satisfied toddlers and children as well. In summer time there are fountains operating and we all know how much fun it gives to the little one’s!

Until now, I encourage an active way to spend time, let’s talk about more relaxing way.

Bicentenial Park bench

Bicentennial Park is perfect for chilling on picnic blanket! Take a book to enjoy on your own, invite your friends to play a board game or make an actual picnic under the sky. The options are endless.

If you don’t feel like making food, just book a table at the café (link further on in the post) and enjoy going out meal!


You can do barbeque here, as there are picnic tables and public bbq stands available. There are few restrooms located in the park.

Bicentennial Park has a Café at Waterview, open weekdays 8am – 3pm, and till 5m on weekends. You can see their menu in the link.


Please, note that during lockdown in Sydney some services might operate differently. Also respect the restrictions and check, if this place is in the area you are allowed to be or activity you would like to do ( e.g. picnics are NOT ALLOWED at the moment). Stay safe and be responsible my friend!


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