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Hello my friend,

It’s Ela here. Happy to have you on my blog! I am currently writing you from Sydney, where I have been living since 2018. I want to show you this beautiful city, give you some useful tips and help you enjoy the life in Sydney with little bit Ela`s spice.

Exploring new places is my passion and I do believe there is still much more to discover for me! Come and join me in this adventure, I will guide you and it is up to you to decide which adventure is close to your taste… Hiking, food tasting or beach tunes…

Get comfortable with a cup of your favourite drink and start to read!

Have a look at my first few weeks of discovering Sydney. Short video from Sydney Harbour,
MCA Gallery and Harbour Bridge walk.

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How to survive winter in Sydney? 3 things you must know

You might think winter does not exist in Australia, or at least feeling cold is a rare experience here. Nothing further from the truth! Of course it’s sounds funny when you’re freezing if the temperature is around 16 degrees plus, but..! Due to the humidity, the real feeling is much different…


Australian Capital Territory

Canberra for the weekend – what to see, where to go, where to eat?

I know many people live in Sydney, whom never set foot in Canberra and they are genuinely surprised if someone else does (specifically me😉) For instance no one has ever suggested I should have visited here.
To put it in other words Canberra is not considered as an interesting destination, compared to other parts of Australia…